Despite making up less than 1% of the global population, the Jews control over 50% of the world, and the media. The Jews made up 95% of the Soviet government, and committed mass genocide against whites, claiming that they were enforcing atheist policies, yet the Jews try to make the holocaust the center of attention, even though the Holocaust didn’t happen. The allies spread lies about Jews being used to make soap, that they were skinned, that they were regularly tortured, which was all proven to be false and the governments that spread that declassified documents showing that that was propaganda. The polish government already admitted that 6 million jews is wrong, there is even a plaque at Auschwitz to prove it. Russians and Chinese had much higher death tolls than Jews. 50,000 Jews died from disease and 5,000 were shot for crimes in camps, camps were not incineration camps, they were to build planes and guns, tanks, military equipment. Jews were basically prisoners who were enslaved, so the Germans would gain nothing from killing Jews