I don’t know how many others can relate, because I don’t know how much variation there is in ads on YouTube between countries and stuff. But I, at least, have gotten almost exclusively ads for this mobile game called Arknights on YouTube the last couple of days. I can feel my blood pressure rising every time I see another one of the ads. More than 4 Times now the same Arknights ad has played twice in a fucking row on the same YouTube video. Back to back. Then I get another Arknights ad at the end of the video. I first thought the worst part was seeing the same ad over and over again, but now they’ve gotten a bunch more shitty ads, every time I see a new ad that looks different, I feel a second of relief, only to see it’s a different ad for the same game. The last ad I saw just now was one of those shitty fake YouTuber reacting to the game ads. I swear I was seconds away from throwing my phone. You have to understand, I am not a angry or violent person in any ways. I’ve never even considered using this subreddit before. Which just makes the fact that this one game has gotten so under my skin, so much more frustrating… When are these mobile game companies gonna learn that pouring millions of dollars into making ads show up everywhere all the time, isn’t gonna make me want to play their stupid cynical cash grab game. Not being able to go two seconds without being interrupted by an ad for your game, just makes me hate your game and never want to pick it up. It’s been like 3 days since I first saw an ad for this game ever, and I’m already tired of hearing about it because of the violent excess of ads for it. I get anxious whenever an ad plays on YouTube now, because I don’t know if it’s gonna be another Arknights ad. At this rate I feel like I have PTSD, and I’m gonna have a panic attack at hearing the name ‘Arknights’ from now on. Someone on the street is gonna be talking to their friend about this new mobile game they got, I’m gonna hear them say the name ‘Arknights’ and I’m just gonna have a full on break down as someone comes dragging me away, kicking and screaming. Fuck Arknights. And fuck whoever is in charge of their marketing team.