Instagram user Time for a rant – I don’t usually do these
because I prefer to keep to myself but I think this will help
(I won’t be mentioning any names, you may know from
context but it isn’t right for me to say who people are, in my
I was recently told by someone my ex girlfriend had a new
boyfriend, I was with her for about 1 year and a half and I was
replaced in only a few weeks, that’s perfectly fine and if
that’s what she’s ready for then good for her
I just wanted to brag about how I took it, instead of breaking
down (not that crying it bad at all) and feeling sorry for
myself, I smiled, honestly I’ve never felt such a rush before
and it was one of the best things I’ve ever felt, you see, I’ve managed to find a way to turn almost anything negative in my
life to something to motivate me, (the photos are the proof of
this) this is the fastest I’ve ever ran in this distance (I think
3mins for a kilometre is pretty good especially) there was no
pain from the situation at all, it just got ‘converted’ into
energy. My plan now is for everything to be made into
motivation for making myself into a fitter, better and smarter
person and I can tell you I’m gna be successful in the future
(ex girlfriend isn’t allowed on my yacht ) – that’s basically
just my brag, thank you for those who read it