My dudes. Everyone talks about it, everyone makes memes about their 13.6 TB of hentai and stuff. But imo I just can’t get off to it anymore at all. I legit set a timer to see when I nut (don’t judge or ask) to prove it’s no longer doing it for me. It came to around like 30 mins or soemthing. And I didn’t even but. I got too tired and bored. They are actually quite annoying too. Like how does this girl who’s getting screwed somehow yelling all this word vomit. “Oh my gosh it’s inside me, oh my gosh it’s so big waaaaaa” everyone has their preferences. But me personally it’s just not very good anymore, don’t get me wrong there’s some good ones out there, but I’ve come to the point where I haven’t wanted to hentai in around 9 months. So yeah.