i cant explain how fucking annoying this bitchass elephant is she rlly had to go and ruin her own grandpas birthday just cuz she’s an annoying ass lonely ass pick me attention whore ass lil bitch like damn we could tell u didn’t get love as a child but rlly this is taking it too far for me especially since her grandpa old asf that was probably his last day on earth and she had to ruin it w her awful voice ngl i wanna tear my ears out everytime i hear her sing n then the audacity to cover her big ass ears over her face and act all shy like bitch the whole room went silent ik u lying u just wanted attention and let’s not forget the fact she is so heavy she start jumping up and down on the stage and people were clinging on to their seats for dear life i wish that lil koala ass bitxh didn’t get her to sing on stage she so heavy i bet they had to build extra stage just to support her fatass fr n let’s talk about how she was singing on a pile of crumbling building like girl do u have NO respect? like damn a whole fucking building just collapsed and this is what u have to say to urself? n that annoying ass blue hoodie like bitch how u wearing that everyday u must smell like absolute shit ik u were stinking out the whole theatre when u were singing yk what i bet no one could even hear her after the loud ass noise of her stomping and jumping i hope she get a life threatening disease and someone put that long ass trunk up her ass maybe it will knock some sense into her for once probably not tho since she always choose to be ignorant just like when she was singing at her grandpas birthday like damn i cant get over that she had her ugly ass paws or whatever u call them things all over his cake like bitch no ones gonna want that now after u done got ur musty ness all over it fr and wtf is that on her head ??? like nah fr what is that is it meant to be hair cuz sure as hell don’t look like it it look like she stole her grandpas pubes and stuck them to her fatass head for a joke bc she’s the most annoying bitch ever